011. Colton Hall Part 2

Colton Hall, Part Two Colton Hall was considered the only place worthy of hosting the 1849 Constitutional Convention. The Convention brought 48 delegates from across California to debate and sign a Constitution for the new California under the American Flag. Written in both Spanish and English, the landmark document was ahead of it time and even included establishing property rights for women. One year later, California officially became the 31st State. Though Congress decided to establish San Jose as the State Capitol, Colton Hall remained a center for local economic and political activity for the next 160 years. During that time it served as a school, the county and municipal court house, the sheriff's office, city hall, and police headquarters. In 1949 the City of Monterey established the second floor as a museum dedicated to the pivotal role Colton Hall has played in California history. If you walk behind Colton Hall you will find the entrance to the old Monterey jail where you can take a peek inside the cells. You will also find Casa Vasquez across the street from the jail. Both are included on this tour.