200. Lower Presidio Historic Park

Lower Presidio Historic Park Welcome to the Lower Presidio Historic Park! This single park truly represents the entire span of Monterey's history The rain rock up the hill stands as a reminder of Monterey's first native inhabitants dating back at least 5,000 years. The Father Serra statue represents the Spanish acquisition of Monterey and the beginning of European expansion in California. This is the location of El Castillo, the prominent Spanish fort that guarded Monterey Bay until the mid 1800s when Fort Mervine, the first American fort in California, took its place. The Commodore Sloat Monument is a tribute to the man who directed the raising of the first American flag over Monterey in 1846, opening the door towards statehood. You will also find a monument to Hippolito Bouchard, who took control of Monterey under the Argentine flag for a mere six days in 1818. Looking up the hill, beyond the Presidio Museum stands the Presidio of Monterey's Defense Language Institute. Today, the institute trains our military personnel in a multitude of languages, preparing them for service around the world. There are a total of five cell phone tours in this most historic location - all are about 2 minutes each. We hope you enjoy learning more about this historically significant corner of the world. Here are the stop numbers for the sites you can visit at the Lower Presidio Historic Park. For the list of all tour stops, tap or click the list icon between the blue left and right arrows above the photo thumbnails. Tap the left arrow to go to the previous tour stop, or the right arrow to go to the next stop. 210 - The Rumsien People and the Rain Rock 220 - El Castillo, defender of Old Monterey 230 - Bouchard Monument 240 - Father Serra Monument 250 - Fort Mervine Ruins 260 - Commodore Sloat Monument