210. The Rumsien People and the Rain Rock

The Rumsien People and the Rain Rock The Lower Presidio Historic Park on Presidio Hill has been occupied by people for at least 5,000 years. About 1,500 years ago the Rumsien people settled here on the hill they called Hunnukul. The Rumsien were one of about 50 village groups who spoke a related language, a people whom the Spanish explorers called CosteƱos, or Coastal People. The Rumsien were hunters and gatherers. The land and waters of Monterey and its bay provided a rich bounty. About a hundred yards southeast of the Sloat Monument on Presidio Hill is a large boulder. 43 holes or indentations are pecked into the surface of the rock. Most investigators believe the rock is associated with ceremonies or rituals meant to influence the weather. There is another theory that Rumsien women would use the holes to insure safe conception, possibly grasping them with their fingers. Bedrock grinding stones, which were used to grind acorns and other foods, are sometimes still found on the Lower Presidio Historic Park - remnants of a long ago native culture. To hear the Rumsien Creation Story, tap or click the blue right-arrow above the photo thumbnails.