211. Rumsien Creation Story

Rumsien Creation Story The Rumsien told stories of their world, how Coyote and Hummingbird had created the world and how it rose above the receding waters, and how people came to be there. Coyote and his wife had five children. His children asked: "Where shall we make our houses? Where shall we marry?" Coyote told them: "Go out over the world." Then they went and founded five villages with five different languages. Now Coyote gave the people the carrying net. He gave them bow and arrows to kill rabbits. He said: "You will gather acorns and you will have acorn bread and mush to eat. Go down to the ocean and gather seaweed that you may eat it with your acorn mush and acorn bread. Gather it when the tide is low, and at low tide pick abalones and mussels to eat. When you can find nothing else, gather buckeyes for food. If the acorns are bitter, wash them out; and gather "wild oat" seeds for pinole, carrying them on your back in a basket. Look for these things of which I have told you. I have shown you what is good. Now I will leave you. You have learned. I have shown you how to gather food, and even though it rains a long time people will not die of hunger. Now I go."