261. Sloat Monument, Part 2

Sloat Monument, Part 2 The finished monument was a joint effort of the Federal Government, the State of California, and the Masonic Order of California. California counties and benevolent organizations contributed the various inscribed blocks at its base. The monument has physical dimensions symbolic of the history it represents. The base is 24 feet square, representing the hours of the day. The base stones are each 4 feet long, signifying the number of hours in a sailor's watch. The eagle's pedestal is 13 feet high, the number of the original states. Since California was the 31st state admitted to the Union in 1850, the total height of the monument is 31 feet. There is no direct or wheelchair access to the monument from the Lower Presidio Historic Park but if you are willing to take a short hike up the steep hill for a closer look, the view of Monterey Bay can't be beat.